Bucking Mule Sent to Printers

You will be pleased to learn that my album has been finalized, approved, proofread, lacquered, buffed, polished, de-criminalized, postmarked, post-dated and sent in for duplication.  They should be available for sale in early April.  Imagine that.

Also I booked my first show, May 24 at the Floyd Country Store backed by Joebass and Chance McCoy.    I’m considering names:  Jesse Milnes and his Squaredance Band Orchestra? (the question mark is part of the name) What do you think gentle reader?


Cookie Cookie

Cookie, cookie on the shelf,

Think I’ll keep you for myself.

Dunk you in a glass of milk,

Gulp you down as smooth as silk

A parched-of-throat crumb-muncher craven?

No! I am a cookie maven!