Thank You Elkins!

We played at El Gran Sabor last night, and it made me so happy to see everybody come out. We even pushed the tables back and had a couple of Squaredances. (two sets!) Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll do it again, maybe in August.

Floyd, VA

I had a great time in Floyd, VA.  Chance couldn’t make it, because apparently he’s joined some kind of medicine show or something, but Anna Roberts-Gevalt filled in, and all was well.  We saw a bunch of old friends, and really enjoyed playing at the Floyd Country Store… pretty cool little operation they have there.

back home… gardening.


Bucking Mule Printed!

It’s a long road we’ve traveled together gentle reader, you and I. First I told you that my album was being printed, then I wrote a poem about cookies, not the internet kind. Then I told you again my album was being printed, I considered this something of a low point in our relationship.

Well now I’m telling you that I have boxes full of this highly anticipated musical release residing in my home. Large boxes, six of them, nearly blocking the doorway. 1,000 compact discs, one of which is spinning merrily in my stereo as we speak.

You could own one of these fine recordings, gentle reader, merely send a check for $15 to
PO Box 17
Valley Bend, WV 26293
and make sure to tell me what your mailing address is.

Bucking Mule Sent to Printers

You will be pleased to learn that my album has been finalized, approved, proofread, lacquered, buffed, polished, de-criminalized, postmarked, post-dated and sent in for duplication.  They should be available for sale in early April.  Imagine that.

Also I booked my first show, May 24 at the Floyd Country Store backed by Joebass and Chance McCoy.    I’m considering names:  Jesse Milnes and his Squaredance Band Orchestra? (the question mark is part of the name) What do you think gentle reader?